All Star Saturday

I used to be a huge NBA fan when I was a kid (back when Starter was still around in its original form) Nowadays I don’t pay that much attention the league anymore. I do check out the All Star weekend every year, wich always makes me realize how much I’m not in touch with NBA basketball, I don’t know half the guys that are competing, especially on Saturday. Still, it’s always a good watch. 3-Point shoot-out final had an amazing ending with both guys killing it at the last rack, but sadly enough the tie-brake was nowhere as exciting. Cook won it, and deserved it since he had the highest scores of the night. Skills challenge was allright, Tony Parker messed up big time with his college 3-pointers. Derrick Rose took it and ended his run with a great dunk, not bad for a rookie.

Dunk contest wasn’t as wild as last years. There were some great ideas but they kinda lacked in execution. Dwight Howard brought some proper showmanship by entering a phonebooth to put on his Superman cape (and a jersey that was 3 sizes too small). Nate ‘Kryptonite’ Robinsion deserved to win. Rudy Fernández and Pau Gasol had my favorite Dunk of the night, too bad it took so many tries.

New this year was HORSE, something that fits perfectly within the other Saturday activities. Too bad it took them so long to come up with some more original stuff, and sadly enough most of it failed. Joe Johnson’s shot sitting on a chair behind the computer table was great though, he almost made it as well. Kevin Durant hade a great comeback thanks to some really clean long range shots. Still it’s kinda lame to win HORSE with normal shots, creativity and originality are the keys to a good game of HORSE.

WTF moments: Dwayne Wade’s band-aid and Dwight Howard’s shoes (what the hell inspired that colorway?)


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