Still Waiting…

The movie Waiting… was a surprise hit for me. I downloaded it because I wanted something to watch on a lazy sunday afternoon and was quite surprised that it was actually pretty good. I could’ve known since it’s inspired by Clerks, wich happens to be my favorite movie of all time. After a while the first rumors of a sequel to Waiting… popped up. Dubbed Still Waiting… it was supposed to take place the day after Waiting… Most of the original cast would have a ‘day off’ so they could introduce some new characters.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the DVD rip of Still Waiting and was kinda dissapointed. The events in the sequel take place a few years after the original and the movie is a bit ‘cheaper’. They threw in a Hooters-like place next door (hot girls = sales) and the characters are not as lovable as in the first one. Also, the story is quite weak and the original castmembers that returned are not as strong as they were in Waiting… Plus the whole vibe of the work place and the things that happen during a day is lost. I guess that’s just how it goes with (comedy) sequels, they never live up to your expectations.


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