Money Field

So yeah, finally a Dutch premiere for Mind Field. While the Belgians were able to see the movie for free and drink some complementary beers during the screening, us Dutchies (known for the fact we’re cheapskates) have to cough up 5 euro’s. Now I know, 5 euro’s ain’t shit and it’s screened in a commercial venue, but for some reason we get the movie way later then the rest of Europe, and according to the AWS site they all get free screenings. Now why would I wait and pay 5 euro’s if I can order the DVD + book at Slam City for a little over 20 euro’s? I’d have the movie before the screening as well. I can appreciate the time and effort the guys and gals at Toms skateshop in Amsterdam put in setting this up (there’s a best trick contest earlier that day, competing will give you free access to the movie later that night), but it’s just a classic too little to late for yours truly.


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