Days are busy, blogging is slow, weather is shit, Andrew Bird’s new album is in high rotation. Winter as it should be.

Big news on the ‘street’ blogs: Shepard Fairy got busted and Kaws appeared on CBS. Saw the item, hated the hype. Yes Kaws is skilled, but if he wasn’t doing Original Fake, Kanye covers and stuff for Pharrel’s house in Miami, how many people would give a shit? Funny that CBS talked about skaters coming to the expo that just opened in NY, while there was no skateboard in sight in the shots they made. As for Fairy: He was able to post bail right away (those Obama tees sold like hotcakes) and recently has become such a celeb that he probably gets off with a small slap on the wrist. Big deal. ‘Streetart’ is dead, go grab a marker and vandalize something for a change.


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