Superbowl XLIII

As everyone probably knows about now the Steelers wrote history yesterday by claiming their 6th Superbowl title. I watched the whole thing on the BBC with the original US commentary by John Madden and Al Michaels, while the commercialbreaks were filled up with great analyses by Rod Woodson and Mike Carlson. Bruce Springsteen seemed like he had a ton of fun doing the half time show and the Steelers almost learned the hard way that dumb penalty’s will cost you games, even the Big One. It wasn’t easy to stay awake since the game started at 00:30 local time (kinda nodded off during the third quarter) but the final quarter had me on the edge of my seat. It was good to see some football again.

Personal highlight: John Madden mentioning the word ‘penetration’ at least six time in the review of a single play in the first quarter. Maybe he should swith to directing porn.

Image by Felix Sockwell, via NYTimes.


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