While some people were freezing their asses off in front of Patta for a pair of the new Asics Lytespeeds I slept in and spent the 71st birthday or our queen with other birthdays. My future brother-in-law was first. Bad moment: His neighbor complained about somebody vandalizing the new skateramp at the other side of the street with a spraycan while I was sitting there in my Alife sweater with a fat IRAK tag on it. Not feeling the need for the well-known graffiti discussion I decided to fold my arms in front of me and just ignore it.

After some pasta back home I was off to Haarlem where my man Bobby celebrated his 23rd birthday. Hooked up with my homie Martijn on the way there and picked up some supplies. Watched some bootleg stream of the Ajax game on his flatscreen and had a all out good time.

Left around midnight to catch the last bus, made some calls to find out the local crew was still awake and kicking. Sat my ass on a coach, smoked cigars and drank champagne like it was new years eve (fun fact: I didn’t had either of those on December 31st 2008), watched Traffic and made fun of the dog that tried to steal our food. Oh yeah, The Sarah Silverman Program is fucking brilliant when you’re fucked up.

Slept in again since it’s going to be my third late night in a row, Superbowl starts at midnight local time. Fridge is filled up with beer and I’ve got some good snacks, now all I hope for is a good game, hopefully with the Steelers on the winning end.


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