Fun Friday’s

Worked all week, time for some good times. So after I was done working me and my colleague Dave jumped on the train to Rotterdam. I was going to meet Tse who bought some Saucony’s for me at the Foot Locker sale about a month ago, plus me and Dave both hadn’t been in Rotterdam for a while and decided to see what’s good.

Met up with Tse, got my Saucony’s, went by Gorrilli to find out I actually do fit Futura Labs tees. After that it was off to the Woei sale, wich was at Rosh Skateboard Management. I’ve wanted to visit Rosh’s store ever since it opened, but I’m not in Rotterdam that often. Anyway, Rosh is probably the nicest dude I ever met in a store and the shop is absolutely sick. Much love for Rosh, I’m going to try to come by more often.

After that it was time to get home. Mixed some vodka and OJ in a bottle and watched the team I used to coach win a lousy game of basketball. Had some more drinks and conversations after that and went to bed around 2, wich meant I almost had a 24-hour day (waking up early for the morningshift is a bitch) More fun to come this weekend, can’t wait.

Tse is magic with a camera, here’s a shot of my kicks and a groupcircle:



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