Louisa Menke has a camera

Louisa Menke is probably the most talented female skateboarder in The Netherlands. She held her own in various Dutch skatevids between the male skaters. I just found out that she also has some skills with a photocamera (skaters and camera’s seems to be a good combination) I really like her stuff, the photos have a nice raw, oldschool vibe to them. Part of that is because they’re not digital (for some reason skaters turned photographers don’t like digital) wich is a rare thing these days. Louisa has a blog that showcases some of her photographic work, you should check it out. After the jump you’ll find her part from the Colorblind video (on a sidenote, whatever happened to Colorblind? Such a rad Dutch brand)

Louisa Menke photos

Louisa Menke in Colorblind’s The CB Army video.


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